Pop-Up SoHo: After “Before We Were Queer”

Before We Were Queer/Pop-Up NYC 2012 has packed up and moved out and we are excited to share what’s coming next, but first…


Thank you to the over 1500 people who walked through the door, and the countless more who shared this work with friends, colleagues, and families. (The show was a critics pick in Time Out New York and was the featured video on the front page of Advocate.com - A full version of this video will air on Here TV’s Just Josh talk show in the fall.)

Thank you for helping us raise over $5,000, which both funded the show and made it possible for us to reinvest in our exhibitors by provide honorariums for the first time ever!

Thank you for the thoughtful engagement and important dialog you generated around the work, and for all of the love that you brought to this project.

Thank you for helping us make this the most successful Pop-Up to date.

As we move into September, we’ll be taking time to focus on the Pop-Up Museum’s internal workings and close out the summer show. But to do, that we need your voice! Please take 2 minutes to fill out this survey and share it with your friends who went to the show — it’s a quick and simple thing you can do, and it will can a big impact on how we do our work!


Thank you for partnering with us as we continue to grow.

Queer Museum Q Logo with photos from Before We Were Queer


Stay tuned for more information and a call for proposals for our next show, Homo Economics, a three-month exhibition on the history of class and queerness on the Brooklyn waterfront, and be sure to check out the Queer Museum tumblr for more dispatches from our excellent bloggers!



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