Call for Proposals – Queer Book Dioramas!

The Pop-Up Museum of Queer History is excited to announce the call for proposals for Queer Book Dioramas – an exhibit in partnership with The New York Public Library and Lambda Literary, co-curated by Pop-Up Founding Director Hugh Ryan and award winning queer author Sassafras Lowrey.

This show will highlight the unique relationship between LGBTQ people and literature. For many in our community books are the first place where we see pieces of ourselves and our identities, making them critical to the process of identity formation. Books can be lifelines for LGBTQ people isolated by geographic area or other life circumstances.

These dioramas will be displayed at the New York Public Library’s Jefferson Market Branch in August / September 2014.

We are seeking:

Visual artists and community members interested in creating dioramas depicting any book that contributed to your formation of understanding of yourself as an LGBTQ person. We are seeking to create a community project that includes artists of all experience levels.

If you are interested in participating please send:

1) Title of book that contributed to your formation of LGBTQ identity, or has meaning to you as an LGBTQ person.

2) Brief description of what this book means to you/why you feel connected to it.

3) Description of the diorama you anticipate creating.

4) A little information about yourself, and (if you have them) any examples of previous artistic work, however, no previous experience or artistic training is necessary.

5) Your location (to help us determine shipping costs!)

We are currently seeking funding to stipend accepted artists and pay for shipping.

Proposals are due March 1.

Questions or concerns about the project should be sent to:



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