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The Pop-Up Museum of Queer History
Announces Event Line Up For
Before We Were Queer / Pop-Up NYC 2012
August 8th – 31st @ The Leslie – Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art

The Pop-Up Museum of Queer History is proud to announce a wide-ranging calendar of events for our upcoming show, Before We Were Queer / Pop-Up NYC 2012, which runs from August 8th – 31st at The Leslie – Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art

Please note: Except for the opening on the 11th and the conversation on the 18th, all events begin at 6:30pm, with doors at 6:00pm, and are free and open to the public. Seating is limited. Questions? Please contact Davi Cohen at info@queermuseum.com.

Thursday, August 9th – WAAFRIKA (a staged reading)
by Nick Hadikwa Mwaluko
Meet Awino from the Luo tribe in Kenya
Meet Bobby, a blond American Peace Corps volunteer
They fall in love when lesbians don’t exist….

Saturday, August 11th – Opening Reception & After party
Join us for Popup NYC’s opening reception from 6:00 – 9:00pm at the Leslie + Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art (26 Wooster Street between Grand and Canal in Manhattan). Meet the artists, check out special interactive exhibits, enjoy the open bar, and celebrate with us!

After the opening, head over to Brooklyn for the Pop-Up Museum’s official after-party, Hey Queen: GRAND QUEEN SUPREME, at Public Assembly (70 N. 6th St. Williamsburg). DJs Fucci and Precolumbian turn it out for a fabulously fierce walk-off that includes a “Queers in History” category.

Tuesday, August 14th – The Marriage Trick
by Riley MacLeod
“The Marriage Trick” by Riley MacLeod explores issues of queer identity, belonging, and conformity through the lens of mid-19th century Spiritualism. The play will be presented as a staged reading, directed by Stephanie Johnstone.

Thursday, August 16th – Queer Memoir: Before I Am Queer…
organized by Kelli Dunham
Queer Memoir, NYC’s community based LGBT storytelling show brings together four featured participants to share their own “before queer” narratives.

About Queer Memoir: Even as LGBT characters and “out” celebrities become more common in pop culture and mainstream media, the richness and complexity of real queer lives is still undervalued and often invisible. Queer Memoir attempts to provide an avenue to share queer lives and celebrate the ritual and community-building value of storytelling.

Saturday, August 18th – Finding Queer Stories in the National Archives
a conversation with Rachel Mattson and Siobhan Somerville
Please note: this event begins at 4:00pm, and doors open at 3:30pm
In this interactive presentation, independent historian Rachel Mattson talks to Siobhan Somerville (Associate Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) about the forgotten-but-important 1967 Supreme Court decision Boutilier v. Immigration and Naturalization Service–in which the Supreme Court sanctioned the deportation of a legal immigrant simply on the grounds that he was gay–and its implications for contemporary queer politics. Audience members are invited to come ready to listen, to participate and discuss, or just to sit quietly and consider the politics of queer histories.

Tuesday, August 21st – Queer Music Lessons: Baroque Edition
by Jeremy Mikush
If you have ever wondered, desired, or secretly believed that the spectacular aspects of Baroque arts have their own “queerness”, then join UCLA Musicology PhD candidate Jeremy Mikush for an evening of watching, discussing, and even creating the musical elements that make subversive interpretation of Baroque opera so empowering! Music by Monteverdi, Charpentier, Corelli, and Handel are our subjects, as well as reminders of the delicious sexually- and gender-variant communities that created opera and art from the 17th and early 18th centuries. Queer Music Lessons: The Baroque Edition welcomes you to to celebrate with us!

Thursday, August 23rd – Degrees of Separation: A Queer Oral History (as told by Separatist Puppets)
by Yana Walton
“Degrees of Separation” is obviously a cute little intergenerational conversation between queer separatist puppets. Using oral history recordings, puppeteers and puppets navigate the experiences, ideologies, identities of womyn who founded separatist lesbian lands, alongside recently established urban queer homes across the United States.

Thursday, August 30th – Sand in My Chopin: A Brother-Love Lament
by Buzz Slutzky and Chris Tyler
Buzz Slutzky and Chris Tyler WERE incredibly significant artists… in a past life. But as George Sand and Frederic Chopin, their already-dueling artistic genius was fraught with tuberculosis, transgender identity crises, and an incestuous undercurrent of seemingly heterosexual Daddy love. Or that’s what the past life regression told them, at least. Join Buzz and Chris for an evening-length salon as they endeavor to uncover meta/physical truths of creative companionship, aesthetic grandeur, and the emotional limits of influenza-ridden brother-loving in 19th century France.


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